Highlighting Local Businesses. Many of our local success stories pass under the radar. Here we intend to put this right with a section interviewing local businesses and highlighting their highs and lows.

Kim and Reinaldo | Misunderstood Heron


Leenane has no shortage of beautiful areas in which to stop and enjoy the view, and in the summer months there is a steady stream of travellers pulling in to enjoy our breathtaking scenery. With these two things in mind Kim Young and her partner Reinaldo Seco have set up a food truck in a pull in with some of the most stunning views in Ireland, called The Misunderstood Heron

"“We set up the truck and our menus to try to compliment the already existing businesses in the area rather than simply be in direct competition." Said Kim

“We are proud to serving speciality coffees and all of our food is home cooked, incorporating as many local ingredients as we can. The menu changes daily, depending on availability but there will always be mussels and salmon as well as our homemade cakes and biscuits”

“As well as these staples, we offer an ever changing menu that includes such items as spinach and cheese pies We currently close on Tuesdays but this is liable to change come the height of the summer season”

In an interview with The Daily Meal Kim went on to explain the difficulties of opening a food truck in Ireland

“It’s very difficult to open a food trailer in Ireland," Young complained. "There aren’t that many and the bureaucrats don’t know how to deal with them. You can only set up on private land — you can’t really move the trailer around. We would love to go to the beach on a sunny day, but we have to stay here for now.”

Kims Partner, Reinaldo Seco commented on the rugged wilderness of Connemara and how it reminded him of Isla Chiloé, the windswept island off the Pacific Coast of South America near his original Chilean home. 

More information on the Misunderstood Heron can be found on their facebook page